B  'flowers' and 'the flowers'?

Compare :

Examples :
Flowers are beautiful.
( = flowers in general.)

This a lovely garden.
'The flowers' are beautiful.

I don't like 'cold weather)
(= cold weather in general.)

'The weather' isn't good today.
(=the weather today)

I don't like 'fish' very often
(=fish in general.)

We had a very nice meal last night. 'The fish' was very good
(= the fish we ate last night.)

Are you interested in 'history'?
(= history in general.)

Are you interested in history 'the history' of your country?

I like music  I hate exams
Do not use 'the' for general idea:
I like music especially classical music. (not 'the music...the classical music')
We don't eat 'meat' very often.(not 'the meat')
'Life' is not possible without 'water'. (not 'the life...the water'
I hate 'exams'. (not 'the exams')
Do you know a shop that sells 'foreign news papers'
I'm not good at writing letters.

Do not use the games and sports:
My favorite sports are 'tennish' and skiing'. (not 'the tennis...the skiing')

Do not use the languages or academic subjects ( history/ geography/physics/biology etc.)

Do you think English is difficult? (not the English')
Tushar's brother is studying physics chemistry.


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'Topic: 'go to'  'go home'  'go to the cinema'

A  Introduction:
She's 'at work'. 
They're going 'to the school'.
He's 'in bed'
we say: 
(go) 'to work', (be) at work) 'start work', 'finish work'
Examples: Goodbye! I'm 'going to work'. (not to the work) 
I finish work at 5 o'clock every day.

(go) 'to school', 'be school', 'start school', 'leave school', etc.

What did you learn 'at school' to day' (not at the school)
Some children don't like 'school'.
(go) ,to university' / 'college; (be) 'at university'/ 'college'.

Heena wants to go 'to university', when she 'leaves
What did you study 'at college'.
Topic: 'the'

C   We say 'the police', 'the fire brigade, 'the army', (a city, company, etc. 

My brother is a soldier. He's in 'the army'.

We say: 'the top', 'the end', 'the middle', 'the left' etc.

Write your name at 'the top of the page.
My house is at 'the end of' the street.
The table is in 'the middle of'' room.
Do you drive on  'the right' or 'the left in your country?

(play) 'the guitar', 'the trumpet' etc. (musical instruments)

Parul is learning 'the piano'
'the radio'
I listen to 'the radio, etc.

D  WEe do not use 'the' with 

Examples: I watch television a lot.
What is on television tonight?
but  Can you turn off television?  (- the T.V not)

'breakfast' / 'lunch' / 'dinner'

What did you have for breakfast? (not 'the breakfast')
Dinner is ready? (not 'the dinner') 

'next' / 'last' +'week' / 'month' / 'year' / 'summer' / 'Monday'.

I am not working 'next week' (not 'the next week')
Did you have a holiday last summer? (not 'the summer')

        Topic:  'the'
B  'the same'

We live in the same street (not in same street)
Are these two books different?  No, they are 'the same'. (not they're same)

We say: 'the sun', 'the moon', 'the world', 'the sky',
'the sea', 'the country', 'the sky'
Examples :
'The sky' is blue and 'the sun' is shining.
Did you live in a town or in 'the country'?

 'the police', 'end', 'the middle', 'the left', etc.

Example : to be continued....

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