Bold appeal for fresh eye wear

Bold appeal for  fresh eyewear has consistently It's isn't new for advertisers target a young audience with content that  isn't appropriate 
for family viewing And FastTrack has been a notable youth-oriented  brand that has consistently come up with risque commercials that speak to the sensitivity of a young, urban
population. In its latest campaign, Fast - track has floated  digital advertisement
that tries to woo fashionable
youths in the age group 18-25
with an unabashed narrative that urges them to 'get fresh'.
The ad shows a boy bespectacled girl with a colorful frame. The film less than half-a-minute long, flashes a montage of shots that include a girl popping a chewing gum, the lovers' embrace, drum roll, close up a splash the cuckoo
emerging from a clock, etc.
leaving little to the imagination as to what transpires between the pair.

Battery of issues plagues e-cars

Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari's ultimatum to the auto industry to shift to non - polluting
alternatives ("whether they like or not") or get bulldozed has raised concerns among carmakers on the feasibility of the government's plan to have
all new cars powered by the electric engine by 2030
Gadkari also made it clear that he would go after diesel vehicles warning the industry not to complain of unsold inventory later.
To achieve the target, the industry says manufacturers have to sell 10-15 million electric cars in 2030, which is eight to ten times the sales of such vehicles in the world in 2030.

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