Words Similar in Meaning or Form

(1)  Accident (something unexpected) :

A raiway accident occurred yesterday.

Incident (subordinate event)  A strange incident took place there.

Event (some important occurrence)
Describe the events of the reign of king Ashoka.

(2)  Adopt ( take up; or accept as one's own.
I cannot decide which course I should "adopt". He has adopted a son.

Adapt (adjust properly, make fit : We mmust "adapt" ourselves to the change circumstances.

Adept ( thoroughly proficient) :

 He is "an "adept" in the art of debating.

(3)   Affact  (produce effect on) :

Age "affected" his memory.
(affect = verb)

Effect (effect = noun, result) :

His speech produce no "effect" on the audience.

(4) Affection  (love) :

I have great affection for the children.

Affectation (pretence, artificiality) :

His sorrow is mere affection just mark with how much affectation he talks.

Interchange of Degrees

Study the following examples: positive, comparative, and Superlativ :

Bombay is the richest in  Maharashtra.

Bombay is richer city in Maharashtra

No other ciiy in Mahashtra is as(so) as
rich as Bombay. (positive)

Radium is the 'one of' the'most valuable metals. (superlative)

Radium is 'more' valuable than the most  
other metals (comparative).

Very few  metals are as valuable as radium.

Wordsworth was 'one of' "the greatest English poets.

Wordsworth was greater than most
other  English poets.

Very few English poets were  as great as 

lnterchaning of Active and passive voices,

A sentence in the active form can be changed into the passive and vice verma :

Active : He told us a story.
passive : We were told a story (by him)
{to whom? = 'us' = (1st object =
'us', but here are two objecs 1st object = 'us',   by 'what? = 2nd
object = 'a story'.

Passive = We were told a story (by him). (1st = us)

Passive : A story was told us (by
(2nd object = 'a story').

Active :  This box contains books.
( this sentence = exceptional, a
box = non living, so agent should not be there.)

Passive = Books are contained  'in' the box.

Active:  His conduct displeased his mother. ( his conduct)

Passive : His mother was displeased 'at' his conduct.

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