Words Confused and misused (continues)

Bail : (security) The accused was released on "bail".

Bale : (bundles)  I saw ten "bales" of cotton there.
Birth : I have got two "births" reserved.

Berth : (sleeping place in a train.
I  have got two "births" reserved.

Birth : (to be born) Please accept my hearty congratulations on the "birth" of your son.

Blew :  The guard "blew" the whistle and the train steamed off. ('blew'= simple past of ('blow').

Blue : (colour)  The sky is "blue".

Bore : (weary of.) I am bored with your speech.

Boar : "A boar" wild animal.

Born : (given birth to by his mother.)  He was born in a small cottage.

Borne : (endured)  The poor mother has "borne" many hardships.

Break : (verb)  I cannot "break" this stick into two.

Brake (noun)  The "brake" of the car out of order.

Bridal : (head-hardness for horse) The horse broke the "bridal" and ran away.

Canvas : (a rough clothe)   (I have lost my "canvas shoes.

Canvass : (trying to secure) He is canvassing for votes.

Canon : (rules, laws) You must not act against the "canons" of morelity).

Cannon : (big guns)  There were "cannons" to their rightas well as left.

Words Confused And Misused

The following pairs or groups of words are often confused because they are similar either in meaning or in sound, sound, form or origin. Some of them are very similar either in meaning - so similar as to be called Synonyms. Take for instance, the see or look, or observe or glance at or notice. Such words mean nearly , but not exactly the same thing.

(A)  Discrimination of Words Similar in Sound

Accept : He accepted my request.Yuri (took willingly) I

Except : All except Mohan were present there. (no including)

Access :  He had no eccess to the Governor. (approach)

He has money in exccss.( more than what  he needed).

Admit : He had "admitted"
 that he told alie.

Acknowledge :  Please "acknowledge" the receipt of this letter.

Confess : He has confessed the crime.

Advice (noun) : Thank you for your good advice.

Advise (verb) :  He advised me to stop dealing withp him. (gave advice)

Allowed : He is "allowed" to take leave.

Aloud : Please speak the sentence "aloud" (loudly)

All together :  "All" of them "together" raised an objection against his marriage(all in one voice.)

Altogether :  The fever has "altogether" disappeared entirely. (entirely)

All ready :  I am "all ready" for the show. (quite prepared)

Already :  I have "already" performed the show. (before now)

Alter :  Nothing can "alter" my decision.(change).

Altar :  The priest bowed before the "altar". (holy table in the church.

Angle :  Find  the "angles" of this traiangle.

Angel :   Angels are heavenly beings.

Ascent :  It's a steep "ascent" from Rajpur to Mussoorie. ( upward road, going up.

Assent :  The President  has refused to give his "assent" to the proposal ( sanction.)

Assay : (attempted)  Many explorers "assayed" to cimb Everest and have become successful.

Essay : (write up composition) Sheila wrote a good "essay" on 'life in the

Bare :  (uncovered)  He was flogged on his skin.

Bear (verb, tolerate)  He cannot "bear" this pain.

Bear : (noun, a wild animal) :
A "bear" has a thick fur.

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