Topic: 'the'

C   We say 'the police', 'the fire brigade, 'the army', (a city, company, etc. 

My brother is a soldier. He's in 'the army'.

We say: 'the top', 'the end', 'the middle', 'the left' etc.

Write your name at 'the top of the page.
My house is at 'the end of' the street.
The table is in 'the middle of'' room.
Do you drive on  'the right' or 'the left in your country?

(play) 'the guitar', 'the trumpet' etc. (musical instruments)

Parul is learning 'the piano'
'the radio'
I listen to 'the radio, etc.

D  WEe do not use 'the' with 

Examples: I watch television a lot.
What is on television tonight?
but  Can you turn off television?  (- the T.V not)

'breakfast' / 'lunch' / 'dinner'

What did you have for breakfast? (not 'the breakfast')
Dinner is ready? (not 'the dinner') 

'next' / 'last' +'week' / 'month' / 'year' / 'summer' / 'Monday'.

I am not working 'next week' (not 'the next week')
Did you have a holiday last summer? (not 'the summer')

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