'Topic: 'go to'  'go home'  'go to the cinema'

A  Introduction:
She's 'at work'. 
They're going 'to the school'.
He's 'in bed'
we say: 
(go) 'to work', (be) at work) 'start work', 'finish work'
Examples: Goodbye! I'm 'going to work'. (not to the work) 
I finish work at 5 o'clock every day.

(go) 'to school', 'be school', 'start school', 'leave school', etc.

What did you learn 'at school' to day' (not at the school)
Some children don't like 'school'.
(go) ,to university' / 'college; (be) 'at university'/ 'college'.

Heena wants to go 'to university', when she 'leaves
What did you study 'at college'.

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