Bold appeal for fresh eye wear

Bold appeal for  fresh eyewear has consistently It's isn't new for advertisers target a young audience with content that  isn't appropriate 
for family viewing And FastTrack has been a notable youth-oriented  brand that has consistently come up with risque commercials that speak to the sensitivity of a young, urban
population. In its latest campaign, Fast - track has floated  digital advertisement
that tries to woo fashionable
youths in the age group 18-25
with an unabashed narrative that urges them to 'get fresh'.
The ad shows a boy bespectacled girl with a colorful frame. The film less than half-a-minute long, flashes a montage of shots that include a girl popping a chewing gum, the lovers' embrace, drum roll, close up a splash the cuckoo
emerging from a clock, etc.
leaving little to the imagination as to what transpires between the pair.

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