lnterchaning of Active and passive voices,

A sentence in the active form can be changed into the passive and vice verma :

Active : He told us a story.
passive : We were told a story (by him)
{to whom? = 'us' = (1st object =
'us', but here are two objecs 1st object = 'us',   by 'what? = 2nd
object = 'a story'.

Passive = We were told a story (by him). (1st = us)

Passive : A story was told us (by
(2nd object = 'a story').

Active :  This box contains books.
( this sentence = exceptional, a
box = non living, so agent should not be there.)

Passive = Books are contained  'in' the box.

Active:  His conduct displeased his mother. ( his conduct)

Passive : His mother was displeased 'at' his conduct.

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