Words Similar in Meaning or Form

(1)  Accident (something unexpected) :

A raiway accident occurred yesterday.

Incident (subordinate event)  A strange incident took place there.

Event (some important occurrence)
Describe the events of the reign of king Ashoka.

(2)  Adopt ( take up; or accept as one's own.
I cannot decide which course I should "adopt". He has adopted a son.

Adapt (adjust properly, make fit : We mmust "adapt" ourselves to the change circumstances.

Adept ( thoroughly proficient) :

 He is "an "adept" in the art of debating.

(3)   Affact  (produce effect on) :

Age "affected" his memory.
(affect = verb)

Effect (effect = noun, result) :

His speech produce no "effect" on the audience.

(4) Affection  (love) :

I have great affection for the children.

Affectation (pretence, artificiality) :

His sorrow is mere affection just mark with how much affectation he talks.

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