Words Confused and misused (continues)

Bail : (security) The accused was released on "bail".

Bale : (bundles)  I saw ten "bales" of cotton there.
Birth : I have got two "births" reserved.

Berth : (sleeping place in a train.
I  have got two "births" reserved.

Birth : (to be born) Please accept my hearty congratulations on the "birth" of your son.

Blew :  The guard "blew" the whistle and the train steamed off. ('blew'= simple past of ('blow').

Blue : (colour)  The sky is "blue".

Bore : (weary of.) I am bored with your speech.

Boar : "A boar" wild animal.

Born : (given birth to by his mother.)  He was born in a small cottage.

Borne : (endured)  The poor mother has "borne" many hardships.

Break : (verb)  I cannot "break" this stick into two.

Brake (noun)  The "brake" of the car out of order.

Bridal : (head-hardness for horse) The horse broke the "bridal" and ran away.

Canvas : (a rough clothe)   (I have lost my "canvas shoes.

Canvass : (trying to secure) He is canvassing for votes.

Canon : (rules, laws) You must not act against the "canons" of morelity).

Cannon : (big guns)  There were "cannons" to their rightas well as left.

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